Plastic Netting – Railcar Cover

Unsecured loads in freight transport represent a high safety risk. International freight transport is becoming increasingly important. High speeds are reached and long distances are often travelled. The risk of accidents increases. 
Few people realise what dangers are posed by unsecured freight.

AK2 offers the intelligent solution.
 In cooperation with Deutsche Bahn AG, a strong plastic safety net was developed especially for modern European freight transport which is used to cover open wagons and sets new standards:

  • safe, faster handling – no risk of injury from protruding wires
  • comprehensive securing of loads with minimal personnel deployment
  • very low inherent weight
  • high load capacity
  • high flexibility
  • versatile use in a wide range of freight categories (light waste metal, wood shredders, general waste etc.)
  • space-saving (tightly wound)
  • environmentally friendly (100 % recyclable, no chemical residue on incineration)
  • complies with loading regulations