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Securing loads – Railcar Cover for wagon transport with plastic netting

Und AK2 offers you the solution for safe international rail transport.

In cooperation with German Railways (Deutsche Bahn), a plastic net was developed which meets the requirements of load securing in today’s wagon transport. This plastic net for covering wagons is easy to handle and protects your freight during transport.

Our plastic nets

In addition, AK2 plastic nets are becoming increasingly important in a wide range of applications:

In agricultural applications, e.g. grape, fruit, wine-growing and berry cultivation. Here, the easily workable plastic netting offers perfect protection from birds..

In animal husbandry, the resistant AK2 plastic netting is ideal for animal pen construction. Thanks to its even, precise meshing, injuries to animals are virtually excluded.

The AK2 plastic net is very effective in the protection of monuments and buildings. Once something is covered, for example, doves have no chance of pitching camp.

Even in sports and leisure parks, the AK2 plastic net is now indispensable. As a safety net for small and large balls or to separate individual playing areas.

The advantages of the AK2 plastic net lie in its practicality and stability. There are no limits to the areas of application.

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